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Electro Portable Pruning Shears | FELCOtronic Polyvalent & Light Model

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The FELCO 811 set has been developed as a result of carefully studied ergonomics, providing relief to arm and shoulder muscles, throughout the entire day spent pruning.
With a 35mm cutting capacity, a robust single-piece cast aluminium body with a lifelong guarantee and redesigned cutting heads. 


Features: -

•Powerful, compact and efficient tool.
•Offers superior cutting quality over a long period of time.
•Lightweight and with an unobstructed cutting head.
•The FELCO 811 easily navigates through branches to prune.
•Controlled and powered by its Powerpack the FELCO 880.  


A FELCO 880 Powerpack is required in order to use this tool.

(Is Included if you order with us in Singapore)