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About Bok Sing

“ The roots of Bok Sing Hardware are deep, stretching back over to 1970s where we offer great products and excellent customers’ service in our own old traditional ways ”


These 30 over years of experience and knowledge had made “Bok Sing/Bok Seng” a premier household name in many industrial sectors.


Bok Sing had grown from strength to strength. We trade locally and globally in local presence but with strategic concept of the world meeting the needs and wants of our clients from around the world such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives, etc.

As global competition increase, we faced with constant demands to improve by offering higher quality products and better service standard. Continuing with our core tradition, we are dedicated and enthusiasm in providing our clients with the best possible source and solutions for their needs & wants in their jobs.

Our Mission


Best Solutions, Qualities, Performance and customer’s oriented attitude are the paramount importance to Bok Sing. We are committed in playing a proactive role by offering our clients a better value products and services for the near future centuries.